Doctor Monica

Dear Friend,

Today is the last day for you to benefit from a special discount ($600) in my most popular Coaching Cycle and I want to gently remind you of this.

If you already know my work and feel the “call” to have the support you already have experienced, let’s start, so you can grow, expand and allow the wonderful life is waiting for you to experience. Just email me!

As you know my specialty is to support Your Own “Awakening Through Your Daily Life”.

So whatever situation you are in, from health issues, relationships in general, intimate relationships, work, financial discomfort, lack of creativity or purpose…. you can be sure that they appear in your life for You to Awaken!

If you are NEW to my work and like the idea of having your own private Awakening Coach, register for a FREE Exploration Session on the right side of before midnight so if you “resonate” with this Awakening Coaching you can benefit from this special offer.

The special offer of $600 discount on my most popular Coaching Cycle ends tonight Friday, September the 30th, so make sure you contact me before midnight at
or, if you are new to my work, make sure you register for
a “Free Exploration Session” before midnight today, on the right side of so you can benefit from the discount.

I hope you can enjoy this offer and have your own private Awakening Coach just for You!

In Service and Gratitude,

LOVE, Monica

P.S. Remember, today Friday, September 30th is the end of this special $600 discount offer in one of my most popular coaching programs.

P.S.S. If you sense the importance of our Awakening Journey, please share with your friends and family, many people are suffering today and our life journey can be much easier than what many people are experiencing. Thank you!

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