Here we are, middle of October and very excited about Life and fulfilling intimate relationships.  

Now that you know that to be in an intimate relationship is a choice and not anymore a need or obligation, you can bring light to your own decision about if you are more comfortable offering your Feminine or Masculine self to your intimate relationship.

To consciously offer your Femininity to your Masculine man means that you choose to support him, to respect-nurture-acknowledge him, to trust his guidance and direction, etc. instead of arguing, competing or diminish him with your own masculine energy.

Let say that you, as a woman, choose to be the masculine polarity in your intimate relationship. It is perfect, there are many “Feminine Man” that can enjoy your masculine direction and can support you in your worldly success. You only need to make sure that you can enjoy a “feminine man”, a sensitive-nurturing-passive-receptive-responsive man.


If you choose to experience “attraction” in your intimate relationship, PRACTICE TO CONSCIOUSLY OFFER your Femininity or Masculinity to your intimate partner.


Take the time to know yourself and polarities and be gentle when healing the wounds and old understanding of what Masculine and Feminine essence are and how they complement each other.

For example, in my case, in intimacy I used to engage from a very masculine perspective. I was terrified of the masculine and could not trust and relax enough to offer my Feminine self. I had the idea (and experience) that you can’t trust men, they are weak and superficial and they are not here for me. I am sure you can imagine the kind of man I attracted and perceived.

I can share with you that the Arne (my life partner) I perceived 20 years ago is not the same as the one I enjoy today. From seeing him very “feminine”, sensitive and open hearted, (something I needed to heal myself and wounds) with (from my perception) a lack of masculine clarity-driven-direction-provider-side, to perceiving him today incredibly masculine, wise-deep-protective-provider-directional and totally in love to my Feminine side. For sure our “attraction” is growing and my happiness to be the Feminine partner is flourishing. I finally see the man I know I can deeply trust, love and surrender to.

I hope this sharing can inspire you to support yourself in this powerful choice and journey we call intimate relationship because it is a CHOICE AND A POWERFUL SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.

In Service and Gratitude,
LOVE, Monica

P.S. If you sense the importance of our Awakening Journey, please share with your friends and family. Many people are suffering today and our life journey can be much easier than what many people are experiencing. Thank you!

Thank you for being part of my world.
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