Are You Ready for a True Feminine Empowerment?

Celebrating Your Feminine Essence

A 1 day, (or 1 full weekend) workshop for the Woman who wants to know…

How to be Powerful and Attractive!

celebrating your feminine essence

Many women today suffer from a lack of connection with their Feminine Presence, Feeling unhappy, “disconnected” and looking around for approval and fulfillment.

Are you a woman who wants to be Attractive and Powerful?

Do you know what your Feminine Essence needs to be able to flourish?

Can you nurture yourself as a Graceful and Authentic Sacred Woman?

Through my life journey, clients and friends I discovered that in general women are happier when they have a Sacred Relationship with their Feminine Essence and know how to nourish, respect and honor their Feminine Presence.

How can we do that?


To respect our rhythm, boundaries, and passion, and more important, to honor our True Feminine Nature in the middle of our daily activities, ‘market place’ or business world is a test we are constantly exposed to.…very few women succeed in ‘this world’ without burning themselves out, resenting themselves, their life, partner or work. We all come from a Masculine oriented culture where the Feminine was denied and even destroyed.
We all women have an important journey to reclaim, in a loving way, our Authentic, Power, Love and beauty. At our core we long for being the radiant gift of joy and pleasure that we are.

With this Feminine Journey we can find and embody a new consciousness of “no effort”, and yet clear actions with grace, fun and joy that come from the core of our vulnerability, authenticity and intimate relationship with yourself.

This longing I have to honor the Feminine in us is a great journey that I want to share with all women who feel the inner call to “find herself”.

Celebrating Your Feminine Essence is a powerful and rich journey!

This full weekend (or one day) workshop will open the door to:

  • Realize that your feminine essence expresses and nourishes herself very differently than the masculine essence.
  • Experience the wise dance that exist between the feminine and masculine aspects of life. ThisWoman-embracing-herself will help you to have a relationship with your partner from a place of fulfillment and surrendering.
  • Be able to decide where, how and when you can open yourself and shine or decide to honor your boundaries and feel safe.
  • Develop your ability to listen to your inner truth with depth and compassion.
  • Feel the expansion and wealth of your sensuality.
  • Connect with the power of your Goddess and experience the life “descents” with elegance and safety so you come back regenerated and wiser.
  • Embrace your spirituality from the experience rather than from theories.
  • Experience your body as a sacred Temple and an instrument of expression, rather than feeling limited by it.
  • Vibrate in a “space” of love and security that is naturally generated when we gather in a circle. This will help you to release shadows and experiencing the miracles of love.
  • Raise your awareness of women to understand the meaning of being a powerful and attractive or Feminine Woman.

Your next step…

If you feel that this is your moment to finally liberate your suffering or limitations with regard to express yourself fully as the sacred woman you are and you are willing to discover and enjoy your Feminine Essence, I invite you to contact me for private sessions, 

If you are wanting to promote and produce this work and/or workshops in your country, write me at letting me know your intention and passion for this body of work.

Thank you for your interest, love and beauty!

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