Vero“When my husband asked me what kind of coaching I was doing, I told him it was not the usual coaching. I would call it spiritual coaching. Monica, you have allow me to learn how to get into the emotions I most run away from and that were running my life. The big discovery for me was to see that as I got more in the uncomfortable sensation, instead of feeling worse, I enter slowing in contact with a profound peace and serenity, at times I can even feel my inner guide, my soul, my real Self. With your sweetness, your words and your wisdom, you have a real art to allow me to connect with my True Self. From that spiritual unlimited Being, healing and inspiration occur. I have noticed after a couple of month, how situations that were stressing me before were no longer acting on me the same way, even though we had not dealt with them specifically in sessions. I have noticed how I could let in more vitality and energy in my life and my work. How more often I realized that the perfect people and situations have been arising in my life (before I was more in the struggle of making things happening). In other situations, I have been able to receive deep messages from my Self, that have helped me look at it in a different way and allow me to deal with it with so much fun and joy. Your spiritual coaching is helping me to get to know the Consciousness that I am beyond all the limitations, mental stories and fears I have been holding to in my life. It is transforming who I am (as a person, as a professional, as a mother, as a wife ….), as I let my real Self guide me more. Thank you Monica for your dedication and for your love and wisdom that always have been present even when I was trying to convince you at times that “my movie” was real.”
Veronique Batter, Spiritual Entrepreneur & Co-manager of Red Ilimitada, Spain.


“Beautiful Monica,
I can’t wait to have another wonderful session with you.  You’ve been able to unlock my heart like nobody has been able to do it in a very long long time. You just find the right key… I’d like to say thank you but in reality, thanking you cannot start to express my deep recognition for your guidance in my soul, in my shadow and having been able to reconnect those two entities.  I feel so much more authentic and feel the breeze on my face, feel the flow in my hips when I dance and the smile in my heart.Surrendering to LOVE.”
Passionate Nathalie


christine-buttigieg“I feel very fortunate to have Monica as my coach. This coaching is helping me to see the patrons and programs that are limiting me. It is difficult for me to stay by myself in consciousness but with her I am reminded to be conscious.

In my daily life it is very easy to forget this kind of conscious language it is very precious for me to have this kind of constant support.

Christine Buttigieg, Ft. Lauderdale


sharon-ledford“My hour session with Monica lead me into depths of discovery from within the blueprint of my subconscious where shame & guilt resides. She took me into a space where those emotions exist & then gently lifted, quietly examined, and then created a trusting environment so that I could  “feel” the emotions to set myself free. Instead of seeing life as hard… Doctor Monica encouraged me to ask “Why is this Easy?” and recognize the ability to change the struggle habit I had. In our first one hour session I uncovered magnificence in myself that has been hidden for so long!

What a beautiful, admirable Goddess Monica is. She has the ability to create trust, love & passion in ones soul that may be hidden within…

Thank You beautiful, extraordinary, supreme Goddess!”
Sharon Ledford, Canada


maggie-reigh“Thank you, thank you, thank you Monica!  The Divine Goddess in me salutes the Divine Goddess in you.  Thank-you for helping me to unlock old memories and release beliefs that have held me back from truly living – perhaps for many lifetimes.  Your intense, gentle, powerful, and loving Presence and guidance created a safe and nurturing environment for me to venture into the very depths of my soul, through suppressed terror from memories of other lifetimes, and uproot a core belief that has been sabotaging my life.  I can hardly believe that in less than an hour of your skillful guidance and creative questioning I was able to release this ball and chain I have been carrying for so long and now step forward with renewed passion and assurance to embrace and speak my truth. With great gratitude and much love.”
Maggie Reigh

International speaker, author, and storyteller

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