Are you ready to meet the powerful
Goddess of Heaven and Earth?


IMG_0925Dear Goddess, I welcome you to the Goddess Inanna, the most powerful Feminine Energy you can meet. She will eradicate the victim in you and gracefully bring forward your real power based on Wisdom and Love!



With Goddess Inanna you will learn…
How to Embrace Your Shadows & Liberate Yourself with
Elegance and Dignity.

This powerful retreat is not for everyone….

Are you ready to stop your victim-hood, blame and complain?

Are you tired of resisting or suffering?

Are you ready to discover the Light and Love that you are?

Are you tired of beating up yourself and sabotaging your fulfillment?

Are you ready to be an attractive and powerful woman?

The myth of Inanna will guide you to the underworld, initiating you to the Feminine Power of BEING LIGHT and helping you to let go of feeling powerless and unworthy while accepting your full power, based on wisdom and love.

inanna-underworldInanna understood life experiences as divine initiations. She knows the importance of the descent, or downward movement in the cycles of life, and how they teach us to let go of attachments and identifications.

By embracing our shadows, or the parts of ourselves we do not like or know about, we learn to accept more of who we are and become more whole in the process.

With this retreat you can benefit from…

-Discovering who you truly are while accepting your choice of being a Woman.

-Understanding and feeling comfortable with your Femininity.

-Respecting and honoring yourself as a Divine Being while respecting the masculine/feminine differences in you and others.

  • Being initiated as a Goddess of the Underworld by crossing the 7 gates of liberation.
  • Acknowledging and embracing “the Cycles” within yourself and in your life.
  • Learning how to feel safe in your body and emotions.
  • Embracing real Compassion.
  • Discovering the real Wisdom of the Feminine.
  • Fall in love with yourself and with the expression of life that you are.
  • Develop your capacity to listen to your inner self deeply and truthfully with compassion.
  • Feel the expansion and the richness of your sensuality.
  • Connect with the power of your Goddess and surrender to the “downs” of life with elegance and security in a way that you can feel regenerated and wiser.
  • Embrace your spirituality from experience instead of theories.
  • Experience your body as a sacred temple and an instrument of expression, rather than being limited by or identified with it.
  • Vibrate in a “space” of love and security that is generated naturally as we gather in a circle. This will help you release shadows and experience the miracles of love.
  • Raise your feminine consciousness to understand the meaning of womanhood.





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Your next step…

If you feel that this is your moment to finally liberate your suffering or limitations with regard to express yourself fully as the sacred woman you are and you are willing to discover and enjoy your Goddess, I invite you to contact me for private sessions, at this moment we do not have a series scheduled.

If you are wanting to promote and produce this work and/or workshops in your country, write me at letting me know your intention and explaining your ideas.

Thank you for your interest, love and beauty!

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