How do you feel when you know that you are
a unique and important Goddess?

Dear Goddess, I welcome you to the world of  the Goddesses and to a Journey of Self-Discovery and Feminine Empowerment Through Your Feminine Path.



The Goddess Inspiration Journey is here for you to nurture your Feminine Essence, unfold your Feminine Presence and to experience more of who you really are as a fulfilled, Conscious Woman.

This series of 6 workshops/weekends is dedicated to all women who want to know and understand themselves deeply. As women we can experience ourselves as mothers, innocent daughters, lovers, successful business women, wives, healers, warriors…

To get to experience harmony within ourselves we must enjoy all the aspects of our expression as women.

These 6 Archetypes of Greek Goddesses serve us as source of inspiration for an understanding and deeper acceptance of our lives and awakening journey. Each Goddess has powerful GIFTS and SHADOWS to embrace. Using the archetypes of different goddesses as tools, you will explore and know yourself opening up to true inner balance.

Balance as a woman is achieved when all aspects of yourself are understood, accepted, and embraced. The aspects of feminine/masculine, work/rest, giving/receiving, introversion/extroversion, fight/flight, yin/yang, and light/dark, when brought together, create a fully empowered human capable of greatness in each moment.

Let’s together, get a vision of this Sacred and Empowering Journey:


Budha Face womanThe intellectual, Goddess Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. In this workshop you will learn how to think consciously and realize the conscious creator that you are. She will teach you how to effectively use your intelligence in an emotional crisis. The Executive, Goddess Athena, enjoys the business world, finding strategies to resolve and improve our lives. She will support and guide you to be a successful business woman. In her mature or spiritual aspect, she will help us detach from the identification with our mind and open to the Wisdom of Oneness.


Goddess Mother

The Mother, Goddess Demeter. In this workshop, we celebrate the joy of being a mother, and of taking care of others. Being Abundance, Goddess Demeter will teach us the art of nurturing with balance, helping us to detach from dependency and conditional love. In her mature or spiritual aspect, she knows how to nurture herself, so she can freely love and nurture others without attachments.


PersephoneThe Daughter, Goddess Persephone. The Goddess of Transformation teaches us how to feel safe and be patient during periods of change. In her myth, a mother-dependent young woman is transformed into the Goddess of the Underworld; a change that enhances the power to embrace shadows, wounds, and fears. In her mature or spiritual aspect, she will help us to be totally open as the experience of the moment.


hera queenThe Wife, Goddess Hera. The Goddess of Marriage will teach us through her total love and fidelity, how to grow and enjoy with a committed relationship. She is the best mentor to teach us how to love and support our partner to be successful in the world. In her mature or spiritual aspect, she will use intimacy for her own spiritual awakening; offering her gift to promote the depth and the truth of who we really are.


aphroditeThe Lover, Goddess Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love and Beauty will support you to encounter the Lover in you. Goddess Aphrodite’s passionate pull towards attraction and communion can guide us to discover the power of love, beauty and pleasure in our own bodies.In her mature or spiritual aspect, from the embodiment of the Divine, she offers a sacred sexuality to experience “Oneness” with your lover. 


Mujer y espada

The Sister, Goddess Artemis. In this workshop, we learn how to experience and enjoy our independence. Through Her connection with nature and the “Mystery of the Moon,” we will encounter our own “wild” nature. Understanding our own “warrior” and “hunter” energies, will help us to stop our world of fear and conflict. In her mature or spiritual aspect, she is one with Mother Earth, dancing and celebrating life in all Her aspects. 


The Feminine Journey starts…


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With this Goddess Inspiration Series you can…

  • Know and embrace your Life Journey as a Woman.
  • Honor yourself as a Divine Woman embracing the Gifts and Shadows
    of 6 Feminine Archetypes. You will learn how each Goddess fits into
    your day to day life.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the cycles within yourself and in your life.
    Learn to feel safe in your body and emotions.
  • Understand and release feelings of competition with other women and men.
  • Experience the difference between Feminism and “Being Feminine”.
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Feel powerful and feminine. Shine your beauty and attractiveness while successful in your world.
  • Understand the masculine and feminine dance in your intimate relationship.

Remember that…

We have been educated in a culture where the feminine was not valued and where all the unconscious masculine aspects were “calling” us as a reference to be valued in our world. Today, all together we can explore and discover who we really are as women by seeing ourselves deeply and completely. Providing acceptance and support to all wounds that prevent us from living the joy, pleasure and joy that we are. Our planet and civilization need the healing embrace that we have to offer. First we have to discover it in us so we can then be able to extend it to our outside world.

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Your next step…

If you feel that this is your moment to finally liberate your suffering or limitations with regard to express yourself fully as the sacred woman you are and you are willing to discover and enjoy your Goddess, I invite you to contact me for private sessions, at this moment we do not have a series scheduled.

If you are wanting to promote and produce this work and/or workshops in your country, write me at letting me know your intention and explaining your ideas.

Thank you for your interest, love and beauty!

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