The Sacred Dance of the Feminine and Masculine!



Welcome to  the magic of Polarity and Attraction!
This 1-Day Workshop is dedicated to all women who want an intimate partner or have one but lack intimacy, passion or fulfillment in their long term intimate relationship.


Are you a woman who wants to experience a passionate
intimate relationship?

Are you ready to offer yourself fully and completely?

Do you know what a Masculine Partner can give you when
you embody your Feminine Essence?

As a woman you know how easy it is to “lose yourself” when in a committed relationship or expect that when you will have a partner you will be happy.

There are times when you need to “be single” and have a break from relationships to know or find yourself again. Once you have that Intimate Communion with yourself you will feel the yearning for that conscious committed relationship with a partner from a place of fulfillment and not from a place of neediness, resentment or control. This is one of your greatest opportunities to grow, to be able to offer your gifts, to enjoy receiving and to love deeper than you ever thought you could.


In my more than 20 years journey with my intimate partner Arne, I have grown a lot in realizing what real Love is. It was very difficult for me to truly love and even more to truly Trust “my” man. It took me a while to understand my wounds, what I was missing and how to be the offering of the authentic Feminine power, love and beauty that I am. Today my capacity to love myself as a divine woman and to love him as a divine man is developing immensely bringing me joy and fulfillment from the inside out.



This yearning I have for a Passionate Intimacy is a great journey that I want to share with all of you who resonate with this topic!




To be intimate with another you need to be intimate with yourself. Come and learn the powerful and attractive dance there is when the Masculine and the Feminine polarities are conscious and dedicated to each other.

When you know how to feel fulfilled as a Feminine Woman you can learn how to offer your Gifts to the man (partner) of your choice and how to inspire him (her) to enjoy his Masculine essence which will support and empower you in many ways.


The Feminine is looking for love, connection and intimacy.

The Masculine is looking for freedom, space and emptiness.




How can we marry these two polarities?

Diving into ourselves and opening our HEARTS!


The journey of Passionate Intimacy is powerful and rich. In this one-day retreat you will open the door to:

• Understand how your Feminine Essence unfolds and play.

• Know how to be Powerful and Attractive with yourself and your man.

• For-give the opposite gender and the feminine and masculine wounds.

• Clearly see the Masculine-Feminine dance and what is needed to enjoy it.

• Understand what Divine Love is so you can be Love, feel love, think love and act love.

• How to speak your Truth with Grace and Love.

• Discern with clarity the compatibility with your intimate partner.

• How to enjoy deep commitment with yourself and your partner.


Your next step…

If you feel that this is your moment to explore and grow in your capacity to be passionately intimate, I invite you to contact me for private sessions, at this moment we do not have a workshop date scheduled.

If you are wanting to promote and produce this work in your country, write me at letting me know your intention and explaining your ideas.

Thank you for your interest, love and beauty!

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