Social Media "it"I approach social media as the place to engage with people, to be seen, and to offer my passion. In my particular case I also choose to make money with the 2nd Wave of Social Media.

As a Social Media entrepreneur I love to make money by uniting forces between Social Media and e-Commerce. Everyone can win financial rewards for being social and for shopping online, something we all do.

Maximizing our Social Media interactions requires both a personal and a practical approach.


My best advice is the following three points to maximize your Social Media impact:

Personally you need to:

  1. Be Inspirational: To be Social is to be attractive, positive, enjoyable, and pleasant. How can you be an empowering force? The practical application for this is having an attractive profile and wall that shows who you are, what you like and/or what you have to offer so people can see you right there.
  2. Be Consistent: To be Social is to be present, constantly there showing yourself, engaging, responding, caring and being authentic. Spend your time wisely! One practical approach for this is to find groups of people that share your same interests. On the searcher of every social media platform you can tag topics and look for groups that resonate with your interests and join them.
  3. Enjoy Connection: Being Social is to engage with other people, to be curious, to find out what you and the other person have in common. Is it tennis, old movies, or making money? Discover what excitement you share. Again, the practical side of this is when you see comments from new people in groups that you like, send a private message or respond to their comment agreeing with them or acknowledging them and then, you invite them as friends. They will remember that you liked their comment or post, etc. and the social interaction starts. Comment and heat up your friends’ posts, and enjoy your journey/experience.

In today’s world you need to be authentic, simple, and passionate about what you do or want with Social Media. Choose the Social Media Platform that resonates with you and enjoy your interactions.

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Doctor Monica
Social Media Entrepreneur