Dear friend,

This month of October I want to focus on some tips to support the quality of your intimate relationship. If you do not want an intimate relationship you may know of someone who can benefit from it and you may want to share it. If you are one of my “Heart Men” it can be very supportive to you. 

To succeed in an intimate relationship, the first thing you need to know is that intimacy is a CHOICE and a PROJECTION of your own intimate relationship with yourself!

Many of us go after an intimate relationship full of memories from the past, demands and fears before we are ready to offer our overflowing fulfillment and happiness to our partners. We end up in resentment, a boring intimacy, a power struggle relationship or loneliness.


Many of you don’t know how the Masculine and Feminine in you and your partner play out and how complementary and essential they are to each other. It is important to know how to go from being a whole and complete being by yourself, with masculine and feminine energy in you, to being a whole and complete ‘intimate relationship being’.

Tip 1

Make sure you understand the dance of the Masculine and the Feminine in yourself and CHOOSE what you want to offer before you engage with an intimate partner.


Because to engage in intimacy (polarity) requires the conscious understanding of CHOOSING what polarity you want to play out.

As you know the number one relationship you have when you choose consciousness is the relationship with your own Self. To know yourSelf is to know real peace, fulfillment and happiness and from here it is much easier to enjoy an intimate relationship than from not knowing who you truly are and how the dance of ‘attraction-creation’ works. Once you know and heal your own Masculine and Femininine aspects in you, you then can consciously, choose what feels good for you to freely offer to your intimate partner.

In an intimate relationship, I personally choose to develop and offer my Femininity. This strong intention and pull I felt (and feel) was in total conflict with the ‘conditioning’ I got from my mom and ancestors, who suffered a lot from men and the unconscious masculine. We all ended up not trusting our man and not knowing how to heal and unfold the natural TRUST and DEVOTION to the Masculine that comes from the Feminine we all have in our true Hearts.

From my experience with Arne (21 years committed) I can say that the growth, joy and fulfillment of our relationship is taking a great expansion and depth of real love and deep trust when I personally ‘understand’ myself, my needs and desires. When I know how to come back to fulfillment and choose to offer him my Feminine being with total authenticity. This requires a powerful trust and surrendering to my man, something that is taking me years to heal, allow and enjoy.

So now you know: “Make sure you understand the dance of the Masculine and the Feminine in yourself and CHOOSE what you want to offer before you engage with an intimate partner”.

Doctor Monica’s Coaching the Feminine Way
David Deida’s work
Dr. Pat Allen’s work

If you have comments or questions, please let me know so I can respond to you and write about them.

In Service and Gratitude,
LOVE, Monica

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