How many times have you taken a holiday
to rest and nurture yourself,
take a break from work and life and have fun,
“knowing deep inside you”
that when you come back
you have to face some old problem or difficulty?


As the “Awakening Coach” that I am, I love to support you to wake up through your daily life. As Eckhart Tolle said “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness”.

As you know, some holidays can be an escape, or even an exhausting journey when you sense that there is an “issue inside yourself” and you have to use a lot of energy to ignore it or even to overcompensate so you can have an apparent good time.  

You can try to ignore the topic or thinking “when I come back I will look at it” without realizing that when something in you is “knocking the door” ready to be “liberated” it is much easier to face it, learn from it, embrace it and release it than to build an “inner conflict” between what you would like and where you are.

This uses a lot of energy and when you come back home you can feel very tired and with the need to take a real holiday!

It sounds familiar to you?


The good news about you being in holidays is that when relaxed it is much easier to open up and see the Truth beyond the appearance. Every experience you have in life is for your highest good and Awakening and when you know how, it is very easy to see the light that all experience contains.

When you know you must face something difficult or negative in your life, a holiday can only be truly productive if you allow yourself to be “conscious” enough not to use this precious time to escape, but instead make it a time to strengthen your “inner world”. Being outside your normal environment can give you the “distance” and “space” to face your problems with renewed perspective, understanding and inner strength.

With a private coaching session dedicated to YOU and YOUR INNER WORLD you are assured that you will come back home lighter, refreshed and with clarity and energy to support yourself and your daily life.




A Holiday Awakening Session can take around an hour. You will need to have access to the internet so we can work through Skype (or, of course, in person if you are in Osa, Costa Rica). You will need a safe space to close your eyes and engage with your “inner world” without disturbance from the outside. You should also leave some time for yourself after the session to allow the integration of your new realizations.

Showing your appreciation for an Awakening Holiday Session is a fee of $100. If you are new to my work, I expect to receive this money ONLY if the session has been valuable to you. There is absolutely no risk for you. There is only possibility, honesty and true appreciation in the form of payment AFTER you realize the value of your session.

Please, email me at to schedule your Awakening Holiday Session. I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out so we can be ready to focus on what is most important to you at this very moment of your life.

In Service, Gratitude and Love
Doctor Monica

P.S. If you are facing a crisis or very important issue, consider exploring a VIP Awakening Coaching where we will dedicate a full day to your “inner” exploration, liberation and vision for your NEW YOU.